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Homeowners want their landscape lighting to be safe, secure, and attractive, and this is why homeowners always contact Epic Lights, because Epic Lights is the outdoor lighting experts. We are a family owned and operated business with over twenty years of experience. We provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers in the area.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Epic Lights provides complete outdoor lighting services:

  • Annual Lighting Maintenance
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Landscape Lights
  • Landscape Lighting Repairs
  • Landscape Lighting Demos
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Epic Lights provides residents with superior landscaping lighting and services. Our technicians are trained, qualified, and experienced to meet the needs of our customers.

Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson is a quaint and charming city with a population of 13,905, and is the home to Clemson University. The nickname for the city is “Tigertown”, and the motto is “In Season, Every Season”. The university dates back to 1889. The city was previously named Calhoun, but then changed in 1943. This is a beautiful city that is perfect to visit anytime of the year.

Epic Lights Completed this landscape lighting contractor projectThere are many waterfalls in and near the town. The Hidden Falls, Fall Creek Falls, and the Secret Falls are just a few of the falls that visitors can enjoy. If you are visiting any of the waterfalls, then you should always watch for wild animals and reptiles and enjoy and relax to the beauty that the waterfalls provides. Lake Hartwell is a 75,000 acre lake that is perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking, and boating. Visitors can enjoy the lake and land year round.

Calhoun Corners and Central Station Café are two of the top restaurants in Clemson. These two restaurants provide visitors with the best fried green tomatoes in the city. Fried green tomatoes are a delicacy in the South and every visitor should try this delicious delicacy at one of these restaurants. Aunt Sue’s Country Corner is a gift shop, restaurant and ice cream parlor in town. Visitors will enjoy the southern charm and appearance of Sue’s Country Corner, which is located on Highway 11. Make sure you stop by and enjoy the Southern food that this establishment provides. Clemson is a wonderful city that has beauty and adventure.

Epic Lights is the landscape lighting specialists that residents in Clemson contact for all their outdoor lights. Epic Lights provides lighting maintenance, outdoor lighting installations, and repairs. Contact us today if you are interested in landscape lighting or a landscape lighting demo. We can provide landscape lighting to meet your budget.

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Apartment Units Needs Outdoor Lights Rewired

The manager of an apartment building contacted us recently regarding an issue their building was having with their outdoor lights and landscape lighting. They had been investigating the available options for an outdoor lighting company in Clemson and came across our name. We assured him that we were an expert landscape lighting designer and maintenance company. The manager wanted to get to the bottom of their problem and fix it before a new wave of tenants was to move in. He asked if we would be able to come out to their location to take a look.

Shortly after, we sent someone over to investigate and diagnose the problem. It was clear once we arrived that there was likely a problem with the installation of the current landscape lighting system. Their outdoor lights were lining the sides of the building, and as you moved down the line, the lights got progressively dimmer until you reached the end and the light was almost nonexistent. Some of the lights were also completely burnt out.

This indicated to us that the previous system had been installed using the daisy chain method for the wiring. This method doesn’t allow for an equal dispersion of voltage among all the lights on the line, which results in some lights burning out prematurely, as well as a general disparity in the brightness of the lights as a group.

Landscape Light Repair Needed

Though certainly a bothersome situation, it presented a clear solution to us in order to remedy the problem. We would need to rewire the lights using a method other than the daisy chain. We presented our findings and an estimate to the building’s manager, who was impressed with our knowledge of outdoor lights and agreed to the plan and estimate.

Our work on these units doing landscape lights repair in clemsonWe got started on the landscape lighting contractor work in Clemson immediately, beginning by rewiring the system completely. The new system we installed used wiring that ensured each light would receive an equal voltage and thus would not cause premature burnouts in certain lights. It also seemed prudent to switch the apartment units to LED bulbs, as these would not burn out as quickly as the incandescent bulbs they used previously and would ultimately require less maintenance.

The manager was immensely pleased with the finished project and was glad to be rid of the troublesome problem of the incorrect wiring. He asked to set up a regular outdoor lighting maintenance plan for us to return a few times a year to ensure the outdoor lights were still working correctly and didn’t require any further work.