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It is important to have a professional install any outdoor lighting, and this is why homeowners always contact Epic Lights for quality and professional outdoor lighting in Piedmont. Epic Lights is a family owned and operated business with over twenty years of experience in the outdoor lighting industry. We do everything, from installation to maintenance and repairs. We provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers in the area.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

Epic Lights provides complete outdoor lighting contractor services in Piedmont:

  • Annual Lighting Maintenance
  • Landscape Lighting Repairs
  • Landscape Lights
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Landscape Lighting Demos
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • And so much more…

Epic Lights repair landscape lighting, install landscape lighting, and keep your outdoor lighting functioning properly with our annual lighting maintenance.

Piedmont, South Carolina

Piedmont is located along the Saluda River, and has a population of 5,103. Piedmont was once called “Big Shoals of the Saluda” by the Native Americans after the Saluda River. David Garrison changed the name to Garrison Shoals, but the name of the city was changed to a name meaning “Foot of the Mountains”. Here you will find a wonderful place to live or to visit as there is beauty, adventure, and much more.

Landscape Lighting Installation finished at this home - Epic LightsThe 7th Inning Splash Waterpark is ideal for the entire family. The 7th Inning Splash Waterpark has a splash zone with thirty different water features, three small slides, the vortex, and the wave pool. The entire family will enjoy the splash waterpark. There is a concession stand for food and drinks, but families can also bring a picnic and go outside of the park where there are picnic tables with umbrellas, then return to the waterpark when you are done. The 7th Inning Splash Waterpark is a great activity for every one of all ages.

The Farmer’s Market is a must for anyone visiting this city. The Farmer’s Market is located on Main Street and there are numerous vendors selling locally grown fruits and vegetables along with homemade breads, pies, cakes, and candies. There is also an area just for children to enjoy a puppet show, do arts and crafts, and play games. The Farmer’s Market also features local bands each week and this is the time when visitors can mingle with the residents and purchase unique gifts and local items. The Farmer’s Market is held on Saturday mornings from 10:00am-2:00pm. Piedmont is a charming city with lots of activities to enjoy.

Epic Lights is the outdoor lighting specialists that Piedmont homeowners contact for all their outdoor lighting needs. Epic Lights can provide you with landscaping recommendations and much more. Contact us today to schedule an at-home consultation.

Walkway Needs New Outdoor Lights Installed

A man who was recently in a minor car accident contacted us. He needed an expert landscape lighting designer in Piedmont. He told us he was confined to crutches for a few weeks, so he was forced to take much more time coming and going from his front door to his car. The man kept getting his crutches caught on the bushes and landscaping that surrounded the walkway from the driveway. He figured that this must be very unpleasant for any visitors or friends coming to his home, so he decided to get some outdoor lights installed to illuminate the path and make is safer for himself and anyone coming to his home.

He didn’t know who to call first, so he did a simple search online and it seemed that Epic Lights was the expert landscape lights contractor to call in Piedmont. We scheduled an in home consultation with the man and we arrived at the home as scheduled. We could see what the man was talking about immediately as we walked to his front door. Having professional outdoor lighting would make the walkway much safer along with enhance and illuminate his property. We went through different lighting options with the man, and he selected one of our custom lighting packages.

Landscape Lighting Installation for Illuminated Pathway

This piedmont outdoor lighting installation made this customer very happy and safer - Epic LightsOur expert crew members arrived back at the residence to start installing the landscape lights. We situated the lights around the bushes and landscaping. Additionally we then made sure the walkway would be illuminated as well. We set the automatic timer for the customer. Then when dusk arrives the lights will automatically turn on, then shut off when daybreak came. Once the crew was finished, we let the homeowner know that the job was completed. We told him to call the office if he had any problems or questions. At Epic lights, happy customers and great service is job one. We also let the customer know that we also provided outdoor lighting repairs and maintenance for his new lighting, so he would never have to worry about the lights again in the future.

The customer did contact us a week or so later. He just wanted to tell us that the landscape lights were functioning properly, and they were just what he was needing. He said he don’t have to worry about his crutches getting caught up on the bushes, because he can see the walkway very clearly. The customer also told us that he was very satisfied with our job well done.

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