DIY Renovator Calls for Installation

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a man working on a home construction project who was interested in working with an expert landscape lighting contractor in Easley. We told him that was right up our alley, and that we were an excellent landscape lighting designer, and that we would send someone out to his Easley SC property to discuss his outdoor light plans with him as soon as possible.

The customer’s project turned out to be a remodel of an older home. The man had purchased the home with the intention of flipping it and selling it for a profit after modernizing and updating the property. By the time he contacted us, most of the construction on the inside of the house was complete, so he wanted to move forward with plans for the outside and had been looking for an outdoor lighting company in Easley to work with.

Landscape Lighting Installation Estimate

We met with the customer on the property to view the yard and get a feel for the type of landscape lights he was interested in. At that point, the yard was fairly bare, mainly consisting of dirt and sporadic patches of grass. He explained his plans regarding the vegetation he planned to add to the yard and said he wanted a modern, sleek look for the outdoor lights to add to the home’s curb appeal and attract potential buyers.

We did another job in easley as a landscape lighting designer - Epic LightsWe came up with an outdoor lighting plan that fit his specifications and would accomplish the modern feel he desired for the space. We also made sure the lights would be cost- and energy-efficient, which we felt would definitely appeal to individuals interested in purchasing the property. The customer was impressed with our foresight and lighting plan overall, and was eager to get started on the project.

Working in tandem with the customer as he installed the new vegetation in the yard, we were able to complete the outdoor lights installation in an efficient and skillful manner. The yard turned out beautifully, the landscape lights adding the perfect modern flair to the outside of the house. The customer agreed wholeheartedly. He couldn’t wait to show off the property at his first open house, and was sure the sleek landscape lights would be a selling point for potential buyers, especially considering their cost- and energy-efficiency. We invited him to give our contact information to the future owners to discuss possible maintenance plans to ensure a long lifespan for the outdoor lights.