New Homeowners Eager for Dream Backyard

A couple who had recently moved out of a condo and into a home in Spartanburg contacted us for our services as a landscape lighting designer. The couple was really excited about being able to have a full backyard, and not have to worry about an association of their neighbors telling them what they could do on their property. They had done a lot of the actual landscaping themselves, but they had no clue when it came to wiring or lights, so they contacted us to do all their landscape lighting in Spartanburg.

We met with the couple at their home and they showed us the landscaping that they had done to their yard. The couple was very proud and pleased with all the hard work that went into their landscaping, but they wanted it to stand out during the night as well. We went through different outdoor lighting options with the homeowners and they wanted landscape lighting that wouldn’t be a hassle for the couple. Basically something very easy.

Outdoor Lights Installation Can’t Start Soon Enough

Our lighting designers showed the homeowners what different type of lighting we could provide for them, which included LED path lights, up lights, and we could even customize the outdoor lights around the plants, flowers, and walkways. The young couple selected one of our popular lighting packages, and we scheduled the installation for the following week.

The new homeowners were thrilled with their landscape lighting in Spartanburg - Epic LightsThe crew arrived first thing Monday morning. The weather couldn’t have been any better as the sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot or humid. The installation was started and in just several hours the project was completed. The friendly couple selected a package that came with a timer control, so they didn’t have to do anything in the evening as the lights would come on at the time that they selected. The crew finished the job, then headed back to the office.

The couple called us two days later just to say ‘thank you’. They said that their landscaping looks so beautiful, because of the outdoor lighting that we provided for them. The couple said that their yard is illuminated now and is more secure and safe too while looking great. They mentioned that they told their friends that Epic Lights is the only landscape lights company to contact in South Carolina for any outdoor lighting or maintenance, because we provided them with exactly what they wanted and needed for their new home.