Restaurant Needs Repair for Safety Reasons

A restaurant owner contacted us recently about completing some Liberty, SC landscape lighting contractor work. The lights surrounding his restaurant were not working as they should and some had even gone out completely. He wanted to hire a landscape lighting designer to come and diagnose the problem.

We went out to look at his system right away. The landscape lights that would not turn on were grouped together in sections, which suggested that there might be an issue with the cable or wiring connecting these lights to their power source. Some of the fixtures also seemed to be corroded, indicating the presence of water where it should not be. That could additionally have contributed to the lighting problems.

Our suggestion to the restaurant owner, was that he allow us to investigate these problems further. We would likely need to dig up some of the lines and wiring in order to check the connections and ensure there were no breaks. The owner was a bit wary of such a large project but trusted our expertise in commercial outdoor lighting in Liberty and agreed to do what was necessary to get to the root of the problem and make sure it didn’t happen again.

A Week of Dedicated Commercial Landscape Lighting Repairs

We did a commercial landscape lighting maintenance for a restaurant in Liberty - Epic LightsWe started the project by digging up some of the lines and connections between the outdoor lights and the power source. We found that our intuition was correct and that several of connections were faulty, some due to incorrect and lazy wiring in the first place and others that had been broken in some way, possibly by water or an animal.

We fixed any faulty connection we saw and made sure the wiring of the landscape lighting was all completed correctly, to ensure the restaurant would avoid future blackouts of their outdoor lights. We also checked out the drainage holes of all the fixtures and cleared out any that were preventing proper water drainage to help prevent any further corrosion. Some of the fixtures were too corroded for our liking and were subsequently replaced.

Once the repairs were complete and the outdoor lighting repairs were all in working order, we sat down with the restaurant owner to discuss a future landscape lighting maintenance plan to avoid the water damage that caused problems with his previous system. The owner was very thankful for our help and impressed with the efficiency of our work. He said he looked forward to working with us again in the future.