Returning Costumer Needs Some Quick Maintenance

Not too long ago, we were contacted by an enthusiastic customer who previously had us out for several jobs doing landscape lighting installation in Greer over the past few years. Unfortunately, since that time several of the outdoor lights had stopped functioning, and others weren’t quite as bright as they could be. The customer asked us to come out and do an assessment for him, as our company was his go-to landscape lighting designer. We scheduled a day that we could do the assessment around the customer’s schedule.

The landscape lighting professionals from our company arrived at the Greer residence and the customer was eager to see us. He showed the crew the landscape lights that were no longer working, then the ones that were dull and dim. We were able to determine an estimate for the repair and maintenance job. We also proposed some new outdoor lights that might make his beautiful landscaping shine even more, and he thought it was a great idea.

The Landscape Lighting Maintenance Project Was Underway

A few days later the crew returned to the home and did a few lighting repairs on the outdoor lights, then the crew added new LED lights that were bright, but energy efficient, too. The crew was able to have the outdoor lighting repairs and maintenance done by the end of the day. The customer came out as the crew was packing up to leave. The customer said he watched us work throughout the day and he was just as impressed with the professionalism manner and knowledge that each crew member possessed. The customer also said that he really appreciated our crew for taking precautions around his landscaping, which is important to him, because he had put a lot of time and money into his landscaping.

A successful outdoor lighting maintenance job in Greer - Epic LightsA few weeks had passed and we called the customer to check on his landscape lighting. The customer told us that they are working great and his landscaping looks more beautiful than before due to the outdoor lights that we had installed for him. The customer also said that he could always trust our company for quality work, because we provided exceptional work a few years ago and again recently. He said that Epic Lights is the number one landscape lights contractor to contact for any outdoor lighting and landscape lighting in Texas. It made us happy to confirm that our crew is trained and qualified to get the job done right the first time and to make sure to protect valuable landscaping.