Trees Need Lighting Too

Epic Lights received a call from a client in Seneca who wanted their newly installed signage as well as their freshly planted trees illuminated at night. They knew this would also help with security, while also improving the look of the grounds. They had been struggling to find a reliable outdoor lighting company in Seneca that would be willing to start a long term relationship with, but once they talked to us we reassured them that we also specialize in annual maintenance plans and we would take care of their commercial outdoor lighting needs.

The commercial client was thrilled with this news and invited us out to give them an estimate as their landscape lighting designer. The crew arrived at the location and looked at the areas where the customer wanted illumination, then we gave them a few different options for lighting around the planted trees. Our designer showed the customer what the area would look like with the lighting design that was customized for their business. The client liked the design and the estimate, then asked when we could get started.

Commercial Outdoor lighting installation needed

Very proud of this project as a landscape lighting contractor in Seneca - Epic LightsThe crew arrived back at the business two days later. This would be a perfect day to install outdoor lighting as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining. The crew went immediately to work on the signage lighting, then installing the lights around all the trees. The crew added a timer, so the customer wouldn’t have to worry about turning on or off the lights each day.

Once the crew had the project completed, they showed the customer how easy it is to set the timer, and then we went over our annual maintenance plans, so the customer would never have to worry about replacing lights or malfunctioning lights as our crew would keep the lights working properly each day. The customer thanked the crew for doing an outstanding job and he went on to say that he is glad he called Epic Lights, because we are the professional landscape lighting specialists in South Carolina. Our crew made sure to protect all landscaping bushes, flowers, plants, and trees, and our crew always stayed out of the way of customer’s entering the business. We were pleased that we met this customer’s expectations, but most importantly that we provided him with the best outdoor lighting that he wanted and needed.