Yard Overhaul Means New Landscape Lights

Last month, we were contacted by a couple interested in locating an outdoor lighting company in Simpsonville. They were making plans to renovate their yard and wanted to have a landscape lighting designer update their current system.

Their current lighting system was outdated and almost non-existent, consisting merely of two small lights at the front of their home. The system was also faulty, causing the two lights to flicker on and off, which bothered the couple to no end. They wanted to install a more comprehensive landscaping lights system that would light up their backyard as well, which would allow them to further utilize the space. The couple had big plans for entertaining their friends once the project was complete.

Another main focus of the renovation was cost-efficiency. The couple wanted a system that wouldn’t run up their energy bill too much and wouldn’t require as much maintenance as their current system. They wanted to be able to use the outdoor lights without constantly replacing the bulbs. They especially wanted outdoor lights that were correctly installed and would not flicker constantly.

We Provide a Landscape Lights Installation Estimate

We assured them that all of their requests were easily attainable and well within our abilities as a lighting contractor. We developed a lighting plan, focusing on creating an outdoor space well-suited for entertaining guests. After viewing the plan, the couple decided to hire us for the project.

We provided comprehensive landscape lighting design services at this Simpsonville home - Epic LightsOur team got started straight away. The couple was incredibly eager to complete the project so they could show off their new space to all their friends. We installed the landscape lights using LED bulbs which would reduce both the cost and energy usage of the lighting system, just as the customer requested. The lights would also last much longer than the incandescent bulbs the couple used previously, reducing the amount of money they would spend on replacements significantly. We also decided to fully rewire the outdoor lighting correctly in order to avoid the bothersome flickering the couple so despised.

Once we finished the project and the couple got to see the final product, they were blown away and couldn’t be more pleased with the new lighting system. They hosted an event in their backyard soon after to show off their new landscape lights to their friends, a few of whom were so impressed that they gave us a call to complete some work for them as well.